Lab.I.O. - Laboratory for Interaction and Orality Lab.I.O. - Laboratory for Interaction and Orality

Lab.I.O. is an ongoing project to create performance and interactive installations based on orality and sound. Its projects are powered by Mick Mengucci with the contribution of many collaborators and friends.

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People that presently contribute to Lab.I.O. activities:

Mick Mengucci - coordinator, programmer and performer

Francisco Medeiros - programmer and digital creator

Marinho Pina - slammer and activist

Marina Ferraz - slammer and writer


LabIO Slam is a regular poetry slam event, where multimedia and music complements as much as possible. Other performances have been done in the past and are still available:

Lxpoetas - A group of slammers invades any venue with spoken word. Festival Iminente Largo Residencias

Mick Mengucci and X This performance happened since 2009, everytime updated with the latest crazy ideas of interaction between spoken-word, music, audio and video


During the Expand artistic residency at the headquarters of the association Espaço do Tempo, Montemor, an interactive installation based on SonarX real-time image sonification software, designed by me with colleague Francisco Medeiros, was designed and displayed. video

This interactive video installation was created as a mean to display videos in an interactive way. Ultrasonic distance sensors and infrared presence sensors activates videos of contents related to the host event. The system runs as a stand-alon piece (Raspberry Pi with an Arduino) without requiring any further instruction.

As a presentation of the device developed by the Department of Synesthesia, University of Sussex, an installation was created that allowed users to try it out and verify its usefulness in identifying colored objects in space.

Project presented at the Catraia Festival, Praia da Tocha, Aveiro. A structure of recycled materials, collected during a beach cleaning action, supports a system of 6 distance sensors connected by Arduino that control a lighting system of a 5m strip of LEDs.

At the “Festival della Creativitá” in Rimini, Italy, 2015 an installation was created with two Onyricum systems. This system places the users' images in virtual scenarios with a delay corresponding to the time of the journey between the image capture location and the display location.
video 1
video 2

This work is a project in continuous development as a multimedia support system for Poetry Slam events. It consists of a display generated by the Raspberry Pi with Pure Data and controlled via browser, with several functions, among which to capture the noise of the public and convert it into a score from 0 to 10.


Slam Orality (in portuguese Oralidade Slam) workshops are very analogue moment where people meet and practices orality. The spoken word and slam experience, the contact with audience and others, the creation and the therapy, the source of art. Digital Creativity workshops are medium short courses of creation in which digital interaction tools are designed and produced based on the ideas and tastes of the participants.







Mick Mengucci

Engineer, musician, perfomer and human. Italian, resident in Lisbon, since 1998, he mixes scientific skills with his music, poetry and art. He is a professional guitarist and singer, multimedia teacher at ETIC-EPI and event organizer. His focus is on creating facilities, apps, installations and performance that involve spoken word, video with and multimedia interaction. Coordinator and founder of Lab.I.O. in collaboration with other artists and activists. He gives training workshops in poetry slam and in digital interactivity.

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